Greek Summer: A Love Affair

The Greek summer is a state of mind. Come to Greece and you’ll find out just how and why that is, but if you’ve been here already, you probably know all about it. The combination of the incandescent Greek light permeating through your pores as you furrow your brows, the feeling of utter freedom to express yourself, the Dionysian energy emanating from every crevice on the islands and the visceral joys of rural life are some of the main components. In truth, you wouldn’t need much else but factor in the cultural, archaeological, and culinary aspects of it and you’re in for a treat of mythical proportions. Whether you’re in Mykonos or Patmos, chances are you’ll be kneed deep in good vibes in no time. If you’re planning on a Greek summer holiday, you’ll do well to explore all options to maximize your potential, with our signature Ariadne and Odysseus programs.


Islands like Mykonos are a sure-fire way to immerse yourself in decadence and forget all your worries. The typical white cubed houses that are the Cycladic trademark are a photographer’s dream, while Little Venice and the famous windmills are equally photogenic, but it’s the nightlife and beaches that rightly take top spot.


Santorini on the other hand is the poster child of Greek summer holidays, especially for couples and honeymooners, so if you’re with your significant other, head over there and embrace the easy-going rhythms of the island. While Santorini is small, it does pack a punch, with world-class wineries, boat tours, jeep safaris and an archaeological site in Akrotiri that has significant importance.


Rhodes is a marvelous slice of sun-fried gold, interspersed with palm trees, castles and an architectural eclecticism that really stands out. Rhodes has been the gold standard of family holidays for decades, and its size and allure are the reason. Go to Filerimos and stand sentinel on top the 300-meter high mountain overlooking all of the island, with peacocks running wild around you. The palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes Town is magnificent and must not be missed, while the Acropolis of Lindos is a beguiling piece of temple that goes back to the 3rd century BC. Right underneath you’ll find the exquisite St. Paul’s beach with a view to kill.


For the more religiously inclined, Patmos is your Woodstock, for it is here that St. John the Baptist wrote the Book of Revelations in his grotto inside a mountain. The abundance of awesome beaches doesn’t hurt either.


If you want to get the most out of your summer holidays in Greece, its always good to look at size. And when it comes to size, no other island can compete with Crete. As the biggest Greek island and home to the legendary Minoan civilization-the first organized society in Europe-Crete is inevitable. Boasting over 600 beaches, lush mountains as well as the only palm tree forest (beachside) in Europe, you’ll need entire weeks to see everything. However if you’re there for a limited time we suggest visiting the palace of Knossos, the cities of Heraklion and Chania and Fragocastelo. Crete is like a separate country so make sure you imbibe every moment there.


Top it off with a visit across the pond to neighboring Turkey, and Kusadasi in particular-one of the best preserved ancient Greek settlements on the western coast. Look out for the library of Celsus and the remains of the polis, with its gymnasium, theater and accompanying structures.


Athens is the starting and end point to your grand Greek summer holiday, and as the lynchpin of western civilization, a visit to the Acropolis is arguably akin to visiting Mecca for Muslims.

Greek Summer: A Love Affair

This summer, Greece is where you need to be to experience life as it should be lived and enjoyed.

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