It’s been one hell of a week. One we all thought we´d never see in the course of our lifetimes. The warning signs were there, but few heeded them. So, here we are, on lockdown in our own homes (those lucky enough to actually have a roof over our heads) and boiling in our own shortcomings. There is much to be thankful for, but there is much more to think about before continuing on the same path we’ve so heavily trotted, to the detriment of the planet and future generations.

Perhaps this virus is earth’s way of equalizing the inequities of our folly. At the very least we owe it to our children to start asking some hard questions and demanding more accountability. We in the travel sector are all too aware of the inherent dangers of billions of people all wanting the same. The damage done by this colossal carbon footprint is something that needs to be addressed, urgently. We all need to start thinking collectively. This is our world. We all bare responsibility. Some more than others. But it only takes the courage of one to show the others the shining path before us.

Let’s all use this time to think about what it means to be alive and to be so fortunate to be able to affect the direction we want to go. Democracy is a great privilege. But it also comes with responsibility. In ancient Greece one was considered an idiot for not partaking in public life. The power of the people has the ability to move mountains, to change governments and to shape the future of our lives. Let’s never forget that.

We hope that everyone is taking care of themselves and their loved ones as much as is possible. This too shall pass. Stay strong.

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