With so much doom and gloom floating around it’s easy to forget that life goes on. The toll seems to be mainly psychological. It’s a war of attrition. This ‘war’ or pandemic if you will, is excising a heavy burden on one’s mood. Fun and games are ok for a while but like the saying in Greece goes “even a priest get’s bored of too many hail marys”. Its time to start focusing on the silver linings that will inevitably appear. 

Some of you may’ve already noticed. If not, look up at the sky and examine how much clearer it is. The atmosphere has gotten a breather, which cant be a bad thing. One too, would expect some respite for the polar caps in some capacity, minor as it may be in the grand scale. The oceans surely must be happy right now. In fact its safe to say this coronavirus has been a panacea for nearly all wild animals (well, except fo the inevitable lab rats needed to find a cure for the virus) and pets. 

This virus affects and will affect a lot of people in many awful ways. But nature always finds a way. And so it bears thinking about all the positives around the corner. Come May and June things will be better, and after the dust settles its fair to assume that prices will be competitive for almost all service based sectors, which means that one will benefit from cheap hotel rooms and airfare, tours, tickets you name it. 

The beaches and historical landmarks will probably be not as full and you’ll be able to get more bang for your buck. Traveling to Greece will land you in a world of happiness and afford you the privilege of ‘distancing’. Thought the Oia sunset photograph with no people in the background was a pipe dream? Think again, amigo. The awesome Parthenon sans tourists? You got it. A cocktail under 50 euro in Mykonos? Heck yeah (ok maybe don’t hold your breath on that one). You get the picture. 

So, there’s that to think about. So while all that is going on we thought we’d remind you of the good things ahead. Stay safe. 


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