Lichadonisia: The Greek Seychelles

They’re not the Seychelles, but it’s as close as you’ll get to anything resembling them in this part of the world. The Lichadonisia island complex just off the island of Euboea are nothing short of mesmerizing and quite literally the definition of a hidden gem. Heck, we’ve only known about it for no longer than a few years, and still they’re intact.


Lichadonisia, as Greek islands are wont, is steeped in history, and regardless on what version of the story you prefer you can be sure they are mythical in their beauty. Lore says that the name came from Hercules’s trusted (or so he thought) friend Lichas, who presented Hercules with a poisoned cloth from his spurned lover, Deianira, who in turn was angered and chucked into the sea with Poseidon instantly turning him into stone islets. And of course, there’s the other version that says an earthquake in 426 BC formed them (boring, we prefer the first one).

What are they?

Any which way, these 7 small islets are just superb. The biggest one, Manolia has a fair bit of amenities, while Strongili, Mikri Strongili, Limani, Vorias, Steno and Vagias are completely deserted, with nothing but a n old lighthouse on one of them.

The place has an eerie feeling about it, with remains of past lives on display. Several old buildings one can only assume where dwellings have been left to the elements, but that feeling soon subsides when confronted with the immaculate splendor of what’s in front; and that’s pure, unadulterated nature in all its glory.

What to do

One of its main draws is the scuba diving opportunities, with a few shipwrecks making it an ideal place to observe God’s creations in their habitat.

Getting there is a doddle. At just under 2 hours from Athens, it is eminently do-able even as a day trip, with little taxi boats ferrying you back and forth.

Lichadonisia: The Greek Seychelles

Don’t sleep on this incredibly obscure destination. It may not be obscure for that much longer.Lichadonisia

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