For a town boasting Messologgi’s credentials it’s hard to understand why it flies under the radar. Consistently so. And by way of credentials we don’t just mean the 5 prime ministers that have been born there. It would certainly give Eaton a run for its money. But of course, Messologgi is hardly just that, neat as it may be. Its claim to fame is not political, but natural, although Lord Byron would have something to say to that, what with Messologgi being the last town he ever set his eyes on. For it was here that the great poet died, in arms, against the occupying Ottoman hordes. And it is here that the fight for independence gained traction.

Messologgi is a tranquil, salt flat lagoon paradise, responsible for over 60% of the Greek salt produced in the country. The natural habitat in and around it has been deemed a protected area and with flocks of flamingos migrating there every year it’s also a bird spotter’s paradise. One of the most popular activities amongst the locals and the few tourists who do make it there is bike riding. It appears almost everyone In Messologgi rides the bike, and the fact that it’s on fairly even ground makes it even easier. Riding along the salt lake lagoon is a favorite pastime and allows for some interesting encounters. One is likely to encounter slender billed gulls, wild ducks and an assortment of other migratory birds and species on the verge of extinction. Birds of prey include hawks, ravens, black vultures and sea eagles. The fauna inside the lagoon has eels, catfish and trout amongst more.

It’s worth noting that the wetland is one of the 11 most important globally and is protected by the Ramsar treaty.

The Peloponnese offers a myriad magical places, imbued with a strong sense of history and a marvelous natural imprint. Messologgi should be on your radar. Such a unique and singular destination deserves your time.

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