Karpenissi is not an island (nissi means island in Greek hence the clarification). It is the opposite of an island. It is a mountainous area with white peaked tops, steep ravines and gorges formed by rapids and rivers, and a rugged sense of beauty. Located in central Greece, it is ideally situated for easier access throughout the country. ‘The Switzerland of Greece’ has everything you’d want from a peaceful winter retreat: Cozy mountain enclaves with stone mansion villages, green as far as the eye can see, delectable food and a plethora of stuff to see and do.

Velouchi mountain should be your starting point. At 2315 metres high, it is a commanding sight. It’s also home to a ski centre boasting 11 slopes. A pretty famous one at that. But skiing isn’t the only activity that’s available. Karpenissi is a veritable outdoors-y playground that includes horse riding, rafting, canyoning and trekking along the Krikeliotis and Proussiotis rivers. And you´ll be rewarded with some of the most otherworldly landscapes around. Waterfalls abound, so make sure to keep an eye out for Lake Kremasta

The villages in the area are reminiscent of the Zagorohoria, in that they are absolutely breathtaking in their bucolic simplicity. Fidakia, Kastania and Koryschades villages are scenic and offer the rudimentary in amenities. They can be great bases from which to launch your daily excursions into the wild.

In addition, these villages will provide you with the nourishing goodness that is the Greek cuisine. You´ll gorge on traditional pies with a twist, local cheeses such as tsalafouti, as well as several other variants of feta, not to mention the sausages and meats. They take them seriously. And you’ll know once you’ve dived head first into your first boar pasta plate (that’s right, I said boar). And then there’s the sweets. The traditional spoon sweets that are ubiquitous all around Greece can be found here, too. And let’s just say that these mountain folk don’t mess around with their deserts. Heads up; walnut, chestnut and grape are some of the tastiest ones.

And then some. Karpenissi is an untouched paradise for every taste

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