The 4 Best Beaches In Cephalonia

There’s something about Cephalonia. Is it the lush green vegetation that blankets it, the fragrance of oleander and fir, or the stunning architecture? All of the above? Perhaps, and maybe more so as you dive into historical villages, a cosmopolitan ambience and the indescribable feeling of freedom and one-ness with the world. Cephalonia does exactly what it says on the tin (or brochure, whatever). No ifs, no butts. This Ionian gem is the real deal. This you’ll know when you get to Assos, a postcard perfect village that cascades pretty pastel colored houses right into the sea it seems. The village of Fiskardo will leave you equally enchanted and once you get to Melissani cave you will lose your mind. True story. Cephalonia is a veritable paradise and the beaches are what you’d expect paradise to look like. We’re going to give you a definitive list of the 4 best beaches in Cephalonia


Myrtos beach is certainly the most known and not without reason. We’re talking turquoise azure waters, white fine sand beaches and a cascading canopy of verdant pine trees that has deservedly earned it plaudits and several nods as one of the world’s 30 best beaches. This larger than life beach is almost a reason unto itself to visit the island. Don’t expect too much by way of amenities. Save for some umbrellas and loungers.


Lourdas beach shares many of Myrto’s qualities, such as fine white sandy pebbles, azure waters and umbrellas. What Lourdas has that Myrtos doesn’t are water sports facilities, restaurants and a far easier path leading to it. Not to mention some lush waterfalls nearby. If you’re towing kids this is probably your spot.

Makris Gyalos

We think Makris Gyalos beach is awesome and were it not for the iconic Myrtos coming in first, we more than likely would’ve picked it. Makris Gyalos stands out for it’s almost Pirates of the Caribbean vibe, in small part due to its lush and dense vegetation and relative isolation in a small bay. Access to it is very easy and several facilities and water sports exist in order to combine some R&R.

Xi beach

If you’re looking to add some variety into our experience, and are willing to get dirty (no, that was not a typo), then head to Xi beach. What’s special about it? It’s only a clay based natural spa. The red sand on the beach can be used to give yourself a nice exfoliating rub down to go along your mojito. The waters are shallow for the most part which lends itself to frolicking and splashing about on your clay lathered condition.

The 4 Best Beaches In Cephalonia

Cephalonia is almost absurd in that it has so much beauty and none of it seems like it’s of this world. Get yourself over there. Have yourself some awesome holidays.

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