A White & Blue Christmas in Athens

The c-word is getting trotted out and it’s just great. We love Christmas. And not just because of the presents and sweets and the vacation time. Although, we’d be lying if that wasn’t a significant part of it. No, Christmas in Athens is more than just meeting with friends and drinking and eating. It’s the sum of all these things and the freedom that comes attached with knowing that you can do whatever pleases you.

Case in point: Athens isn’t exactly famed for its snow or Christmas-y ambience. So, most people who like to indulge in hygge just drive up to Mt. Parnassus on a 2 hour drive to enjoy the Alpine cozyness of Arachova. And maybe get a few slaloms in. No pressure. Arachova being what Chamonix is to the French Alps, with cheaper prices and fewer Ferraris. However, Arachova boasts an atmosphere that includes taverns with fireplaces, surrounded by formaela cheese (similar to saganaki but tangier) and country style sausages and cuts so tasty you’d happily trade your soul for one more bite. True story.

The great thing about Athens is that if you fancy a New Year’s Eve dip you can, in fact, have it. Athens is one of the only European capitals that is surrounded or lapped by the sea. And it’s the Aegean, not just any old sea, mind. There’s a variety that not even popular islands have. Santorini for instance, has nothing on Athenian beaches. And that’s factoring in the Black beach. There’s rocky outcrops with nude sunbathers, family retreat style beaches with kids amenities such as beach volleyball, tennis, not to mention the water sports. And there’s everything in between, all within a couple hours drive from downtown Athens.

And of course, there’s Athenian nightlife. With multiple party areas around the center, notably Gazi, Psirri and Monastiraki, you are guaranteed to find a bar or club of your liking.

A White & Blue Christmas in Athens

Festivities in Athens revolve around family and friends. And since food is such a big part of the celebrations you can be sure to eat well. The activities vary, from mountainous skiing to seaside lounging, so there’s no way you can wrong. Spending Christmas in Athens is hands down magical.

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