Beat the Crowds: Autumn Holidays in Greece

Greece is one of the top holiday destinations worldwide, with a history that spans centuries, a legacy that underpins the basic tenets of western civilization as well as incredible culture, food, hospitality and natural beauty-all rolled into one. Holidays in Greece are the stuff that dreams are made of, but if you’re one of those travellers that want to get a better sense of what Greece looks like, it’s worth visiting off-season, when the majority of tourists have gone. Places like Santorini, Athens and Mykonos are the main destinations, and the benefits to travelling to these places in the off-season are many, and we here, will give you a good enough set of reasons to go on your Greek holiday in the low season.


Athens is low-key one of the most vibrant and energetic capitals in Europe, with recent results showing it to be the cheapest European city break destination. That means that you can get to see the world-famous Acropolis and its surrounding temples and stadiums for a better price and without the throngs of people. The heat is also a factor. Athens may be a holiday destination, with its proximity (20-min) to the sea a bonus, but during the summer months, it can get obtrusive. Hence, September and the autumn months are ideal, as the temperature is moderate. You can dip into the sea and refresh yourself, have some fresh fish and enjoy life like the Greeks do it.


Similarly, Santorini is one of the islands that see a big volume of visitors, compared to its size. Needless to say, watching the sunset from Oia without huge crowds is like being on a different island. Prices will inevitably be lower, but the main bonus is fewer people. Take a plunge. Head to Santorini on holidays in the off-season and you’ll be surprised by how much your experience varies.


Mykonos is a party island that gets overrun by visitors in the summer. It is its raison d’etre. Holidays in Mykonos are predicated on people, but don’t let that scare you off visiting in autumn, as the island doesn’t shut shop till December, with a great number of businesses still open then.

Beat the Crowds: Autumn Holidays in Greece

Get your last summer rays in Greece. Your holidays will be cheaper, and your experience richer.

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