Greekend in Athens: A City Break Destination Fit for Gods

Whats better than a weekend? Why, a greekend, of course! And seeing as Athens is the cheapest European city destination, its also a smart choice for vistors looking for a city break with sun, good food and amazing nightlife. That’s before you get to the historical sights and the nearby beaches. A city break holiday in Athens gives you that and much more, which we will break down for you in the following paragraphs.

Location, Location, Location!

One of Athens’ major draws is its geography. It is located right next to Africa, the Middle East and Europe, and as a hub, it sees a lot of traffic throughout the year. Catching a plane from anywhere in Europe will take you no more than 3hrs, with cheap flights available from all over the Old continent. Connections are easy, as you can also get here by boat, or drive down, even if that takes longer. But if you’re flying in, Athens gives you the most comfortable city break package available. It is also officially the cheapest city break destination, so if you’re thinking of those looming gas and electricity bills over the winter, then maybe its worth considering a semi-permanent move to the city of Gods, or at least for the winter.


The sun in Greece beats down on you for an average of 300 days a year. That means more al-fresco time, enjoying nature and getting some much needed vitamin-D. Its proximity to beaches, world class museums and an up and coming art scene that is buzzing, are icing on the cake. The main draw in Athens is the lively vibe and booming down town areas of Gazi, Psirri, Monastiraki, Kermakikos and Metaxourgio. There, you can party till late, and walk safely back to your place (Athens is also by far the safest European city) without worrying. Bars and restaurants are famous for keeping the decibels going till the last customer leaves, so you could be in for a good one. If you’re feeling up for it, the glitzy Athens Riviera is 20min away from the city center and this 14km stretch of coastal awesomeness is sometimes referred to as the Athenian Miami.

Greekend in Athens: A City Break Destination Fit for Gods

Naturally, you can visit some of the closer islands (in the Argosaronic gulf) for a day trip, or even for a few hours and soak up some of the last summer rays. At the same time, you can opt for an alpine destination, like Mt. Parnassus (2hrs away from Athens), and give your city break an extra kick. Athens has it all.

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