Going to Corinth: One Day Excursion

When the queue of cars down to the beachfront reaches China sized proportions, you know it’s time for a change. Sure, you may argue that Athens has tons of other beaches that are secluded and off the beaten track. But try telling that to the GPS. Old dirt roads and technology don’t play well together. What’s more, you aren’t even guaranteed privacy or the chance to actually find it expeditiously.


Luckily, there are options for days in and around Athens. They can be fun excursions, especially for families and couples. One of them is the biblically charged city of Corinth. One of the original city states of ancient Greece, it is imbued with a spirituality that transcends the visceral. We´re talking epic, here.

The beaches in Corinth are spectacular. Right by the beach, numerous fish taverns dot the shoreline. You can get your basic amenities plus more. You can rent scuba equipment and get yourself a doughnut ride on a speedboat.

And if that’s isn’t enough, try your luck at Water Fun, an awesome water slide amusement park on the edge of the city.

Alternatively, you can visit Lake Iraiaou. Just a short drive from Corinth, this lake offers various water sport activities as well as the chance to not see any other tourists. Bang! You’re in there, son!


Seeing as Corinth is a historical place with a bunch of archaeological sites to visit, its probably worth taking some time out to check them out.

Acrocorinth is one of them. 3, 5 clicks away from the town lies this massive fortress perched on a 575 meter hilltop. Built in ancient times and fortified by Byzantines, Franks, Turks and Venetians along the centuries, it stands testament to the glory of this once mighty city state.

Ancient Corinth is nothing without its temple of Apollo. Built in 540 BC, the remains of this sanctuary are seven limestone columns. One can only imagine what it might’ve looked like back then. Time to let your mind go free!

The obligatory Archaeological Museum is an obvious choice to fully understand the history of the place.

Going to Corinth: One Day Excursion

In addition to the archaeological and recreational draws, it’s worth noting that Corinth is in fact a Biblical destination. St. Paul preached here and wrote the New Testament and The Corinthians passages, so if you’re a devout Christian, you’ll probably want to have a look around. Who knows? Maybe you’ll stumble upon some secret or other.

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