With more than 3,000 islands (220 of which are inhabited), one could easily argue that Greece is an ideal cruise destination. And one would be right. Well, the official seal of approval has now been awarded, rubberstamped and notarized. The Wave awards (the top prizes for cruises worldwide) have certified Greece as the top spot for best country and port destination in the world. We’ve always known that. And it feels good to be recognized. This, of course, comes on the heels of Paros being named Europe’s best island to visit.

In recent years, the number of cruise companies operating has increased; more international firms and better quality services from local companies have turned Greece into this year’s must destination. More ports of call have been added, and services have been upgraded to add to the already All star mix of exotic islands and mainland harbors. Also worth noting is the fact that the first batch of seaplanes will be landing soon, with the Greek government having greenlighted the construction of a dozen or so seaplane marinas in several islands across the country.

Going to Greece is a one in a lifetime experience. Being able to see everything it has to offer and do it while cruising in comfort and style is something that is unique. Recent trends have seen smaller cruise ships with less than 500 pax capacity do the rounds as they seek to take advantage of islands that have incompatible infrastructure for docking. Santorini for instance is one of those islands, and as more and more destinations in smaller and lesser known islands get added to itineraries, travelers will be able to get more out of the experience.

Greece could potentially hold that top spot for quite some time. The Aegean and the Ionian are incredible and the close proximity of Greece to so many European, African and Middle Eastern counties gives it a distinct advantage as it becomes a regional hub.

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