It would be an understatement to say that Greeks love nippers. They absolutely adore them. Anyone lucky enough to have visited before will attest to countless hair tussling, cheek pinching, and general fawning over the little ones. The love is deep. So much so that you’ll invariably start feeling bad when every tavern owner you meet gives free sweets and ice cream. It goes without saying that the proprietors won’t mind your kids kicking up a ruckus amid the place. It’s all good. It means you can go ahead and relax, without your little one(s) kicking up a fuss.

Holidays in Greece: Safety

Letting your kids loose on the beach contains no red flags in Greece. Letting your kids loose anywhere in Greece is virtually a doddle. The only crime you’re ever likely to come across in Greece is pickpockets on the Athens metro. The high literacy rate (98%) has to count for something, right? The islands are a veritable kid’s playground. You can literally set them loose in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon, right there on the streets playing ball with the other local kids.

Holidays in Greece: History

The myths of the gods and the ancient deities come alive in Greece. Everything that the history books teach can be traced back here. Children’s books can be useful here as what they read can be seen in real life. All the heroes and tales of epic battles and monsters and creatures are directly transported back to the ‘scene of the crime’.

This can make for a great way to entertain children while they learn something new without feeling pressured. Going from temple to museum can be taxing, even for the adults. With that in mind, many museums and archaeological sites include children’s descriptions and games with which to make a fun learning experience. Interactive shows and multimedia presentations abound.

The Hellenic Cosmos and the Planetarium offer such experiences. Similarly, the Museum of Greek Children’s Art and the Hellenic Children’s Museum offer cooking and craft classes to keep them occupied while you survey the relics.

In Crete, the Natural History Museum boasts the Discovery Centre, as well as the awesome palace of Knossos. There, interactive guide books will take you through the eons. The aquarium is impressive, too. Kids can roam around with freely.

Holidays in Greece: Activities

With Greece being surrounded by so much water, the water sports opportunities are abundant. No need to stress over food, either. It is tasty as it is nutritious. A couple ice creams later, they’ll be sleeping the siesta (yes, really) after hours of sand castle building, swimming and playing.

And because the night life is great, and safe, letting your teenage kids go out at night is an easy decision. Worst case scenario is a lesson learned on the perils of intoxication.

Holidays in Greece: Your Perfect Family Vacation

Greece combines great weather, awesome beaches and safety rarely enjoyed in most countries. It is ideal for families and kids of all ages. Greek hospitality at its best.

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