Holidays in Lesvos: Discover the Authentic Beauty of Greece’s Gem

Get your wallets out, gents, it’s that time of the year again! No, it’s not your anniversary, put your calendar away. It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. That’s right, it’s St. Valentine’s day, and we here couldn’t be happier! No, really! For loved-up couples looking to live some moments of pure, unbridled passion, Greece is right up there. There’s sun, there’s beaches and there are heaps of eateries and wine places that will score you a few cookie points with the missus (or the mister).

By this point it should be evident that Santorini has become the world’s biggest wedding reception venue. No surprise there. Santorini has it all. Sunsets, wineries and more cute shops than you can shake a selfie stick at.

Holidays in Lesvos: St. Valentine

But did you know that Lesvos is in fact the holy man’s last resting place? Or at least, that’s where part of his remnants are. The Church of Metastasis of Virgin Mary on the island is where the relics of St. Valentine reside, and every year the catholic community whips up a feast. Various events and literary competitions take place, as well as the obligatory fiesta with food and drink.

Whats more, there are strong indications that St. Valentine may’ve been of Greek origin. Documents pertaining to his life have yielded important discoveries around his ethnicity, and folks, it looks like the patron saint of love and romance may in fact be Greek.

We cant think of anything more romantic. And we’re not just saying that. I mean, how can you possibly one up visiting St. Valentine’s final resting place? And it’s not like everyone’s doing it, either. It’s a relatively under the radar destination (for Greek standards) and you know the Instagram opps there are worth the price of admission, period.

And that’s because Lesvos, as Greek island has so much to see and do. Apart from visiting the saint’s relics, one is spoilt for choice. Tavernas, medieval castles, churches and ruins comprise some of the island’s other trump cards. Oh and did we mention you can visit the world’s prettiest street in the village of Molivos?

Holidays in Lesvos: Discover the Authentic Beauty of Greece’s Gem

Greece is one big love-in all year round. The Dionysian energy is strong here, and it’s undeniable. It seems only fitting that love should be celebrated in all its glory in the place where the martyr of love sits.

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