There’s something about Hydra (pronounces Ee-drah) that lends itself to romance. And in Greece, that’s saying something. With the long shadow cast by Santorini and its lesser known but equally beguiling cousins Milos and, well just about any Greek island, really, it’s often overlooked. And folks, it really shouldn’t. I mean, all those billionaires waltzing up on their yachts can’t be wrong. Leonard Cohen set up base there during several years. It’s where he wrote some of his most inspired prose. A quick look at the picture perfect harbor and you’ll be hooked.

Hydra is an unusual island. No cars or otherwise mechanized forms of transport exist, save for the few obligatory municipal dump trucks and such. The only form of transport is by donkey (some even have license plates) or water taxi. But don’t fret. Hydra is essentially a one village island. And that’s the port town. That’s not to say the rest of the island is not worth exploring. On the contrary. The lack of human intervention sees to that.

The fact of the matter is that Hydra has it going on. You can go off exploring on the ancient trails, check out old monasteries and churches and a few medieval fortress ruins with your other half. Getting lost in the Greek landscape, only to find yourself amongst nothing but a flock of sheep up in the mountains has to be up there with the most authentic experiences.

That Hydra is part of the Saronic Gulf island complex and as such a mere hour and a half away from Athens is only the icing on the cake. You can potentially eat your cake, too, as a one day excursion is pretty sweet, especially if you’re short on time. But the beauty of the converted neo classical mansions of yesteryear may just be too much to pass up on. They truly take you back to a time inhabited by the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Highballs for dinner?

As you may expect, the ambience is tranquil, chilled and in good taste. Everything screams old money and old world charm with a sprinkle of bohemian cool for good measure.

The lack of tourists due to limited infrastructure is what the doctor ordered. On Valentine´s day Hydra is not just picture perfect. It’s where you need to be

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