Last Orders: The Greek islands in autumn

The last of the summer rays are groggily making their way towards the sun flecked archipelago more commonly known as the Greek islands. And with them, hazy flashbacks of fleeting romances, lethargic mornings and inebriated antics fade into memory. It’s been a good summer. A very necessary one at that.

Santorini & Folegandros

But the last rays also provide some closure and islands like Santorini, Folegandros and just about any island with high mountains (which in Greece means virtually every single island) will provide that which everyone desires; a good way to reconnect with the universe before suiting up again for the rodent relay, preferably in solitude amongst nature’s finest. The Greek islands are awesome in the summer, but inexplicably manage to find another gear towards the end of autumn that elevate them to even higher peaks.


And it’s not just islands with pretty views and amorous dispositions. Mykonos is still at it. As we speak there’s still a fair few people thronging the streets and partying, albeit more discreetly. One only has to take a peek at the amount of yachts lining the harbor.

Paros, Tinos & Naxos

Paros is yet another Greek island that’s keeping with that, its autumn winds now attracting windsurfing patronage, also. The famous ‘meltemia’ can carry you to a fair few islands like Tinos and Naxos where too, ample air to water sports opportunities exist to throw yourself at.

Andros & Kalymnos

The now manageable heat becomes a bonus when trying to explore those high mountain peaks. Greek islands like Andros and Kalymnos will help you gain some of that mental resolve required to tackle the delicacies you’ll scoff later on at the taverna. Kalymnos is a statutory rock climbing destination with a cult following, its steep vertiginous limestone crags the stuff of legend. Andros similarly has an impeccable mountain hiking pedigree with what is said to be one of the longest walking trails in Europe.


Crete and Rhodes offer many of the amenities found in larger cities in the mainland but these Greek islands are big enough to make life seamless. You’ll appreciate the perks of faster Wi-Fi and art galleries, but the pleasures of evening walks without jostling for position when the sun sets are simply indispensable.

Last Orders: The Greek islands in autumn

And that’s before turning to the sweeping totality of the obvious; the price to value ratio. It goes without saying that what you end up paying for will inevitably be well worth it. And then some. Autumn in Greece is magic.

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