When Henry David Thoreau wrote about sucking the marrow out of life, he was practically formulating the playbook for the youth movement and what came after that. Sucking the marrow out of life is an ethos, a lifestyle if you like. Heck, it’s the rallying cry of Generation X, Y and Z. How fitting then, that Greece, one of the finest purveyors of hedonism (a Greek word, too!) should be in such great position to cater to your Epicurean desires, even during the last summer days. Greece embodies the concept of live life to its fullest. If in doubt, refer to Kazantzakis’s Zorbas. If still unsure, pack your bags and head over. Greece and its myriad isles offer escapism and the chance to wrest back time for yourself.Summer never ends.

Ikaria & Ithaca

There are islands like Ikaria and Ithaca where time has a different meaning and purpose. Those who reside in such islands, and especially Ikaria, are time millionaires. Quite literally. For Ikaria is one of 5 blue zones in the world, where residents average age is upwards of 100. The slow pace of life, the fresh produce, regular exercise and close social ties are what everyone looks for yet rarely finds. In these islands this is the only lifestyle available. Purchase with prejudice.

Paxoi & Anti-Paxoi

Equally enchanting and arguably prettier are islands like ‘Paxoi’, and ‘Anti-Paxoi’. Colorful, pastel hued houses cascading down to the pier, fine sandy beaches and secluded coves lapped by aquamarine and green tinted waters, hardly any other people in sight; this could be you in October and November. Getting the most out of everything at affordable rates is tremendously gratifying, but combined with the generous Greek spirit of ‘philoxenia’ it can be a transcendent experience.


A bit like the North Aegean island of Samothraki. It’s little wonder that this island was a designated hippie/rave enclave, what with its endless waterfalls and rivers, lush forest and elfish mysticism. The ambience in Samothraki is entrancing. And the food is just as otherworldly. We suggest you do a tour of the many family tavernas on the island and let loose on the ‘saganaki’ cheese. It will transform you.

Kythera & Anti-Kythera

As Greek islands go, Kythera and Anti-Kythera are up there with the best of them. They are a tranquil paradise with little by way of distractions or people for that matter. Their size and geography get in the way but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a peek at these hazy gems. It doesn’t hurt that the island’s history is inextricably linked to the world’s first ever recorded computing mechanism, found deep underwater in a wreck. And it certainly is a bonus that neither have airports.

Greece has many stories to tell, but equally as many lessons to impart on us simple folk. None more so significant than the one teaching us to savor every moment of life by living today.

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