Autumn in Greece is a magical time of year, especially up in north Greece. Places like Epirus and Macedonia and Thrace really come into their own as the autumn leaves fall and the traditional chimneys start churning out the comfort food that fuels the awesome outdoor adventures. The north of Greece stands out for a number of reasons. It is considerably more fertile and enjoys a more diverse landscape that includes long mountain ranges, lakes, waterfalls and some incredible patches of forest. Invariably, this all circles back to the main hub of Thessaloniki which in itself merits a visit. From there, you can easily find egress into the wild beauty that is northern Greece.

Epirus: Diverse & Elegant

Epirus is home to the mighty Pindus range and its National Park, Ioannina serving as its main hub. If hiking is your bag, head there if you’re interested in taking your holidays in Greece to another level. The abundance of fauna (60 mammal, 180 avian, 30 reptilian, 14 amphibian species) endemic and other wise are worth it. The Vikos gorge is also one of the main go-to activities, and should garner some attention as it has the biggest ratio of width to height in the world. Explore the Zagorochoria villages nearby. They are quaint, scenic and ooze comfort, with Papingos being the standout. Great food, too.

Macedonia: Historical Importance

Macedonia is equally rugged, although with a degree of importance etched onto it on account of Alexander the Great (his birthplace, Pella and its palace are open to the public). And of course Thessaloniki, the multicultural, culinary capital of Greece with its diverse Middle Eastern influences and rich architectural traditions is not to be missed. The mythical Mt. Olympus is but a short 1 hour drive from the urban fabric and Litochoro, its base camp village an enchanting pit stop in your schedule.

Thrace: Natural Wonders

Thrace is almost entirely different from what you’d expect. And its dearth of visitors is your gain as you’ll have this opportunity to really immerse yourself in the culture. The migratory flows across centuries have shaped a singular tapestry that is see in its mosques and minarets, Byzantine chapels, Christian and other assorted ruins. Thrace is all about nature. Your holidays to Greece just wouldn’t be the same without visiting the wild Rhodope mountain range and the Evros river delta and its wetlands.

Northern Greece is autumn paradise. Give your winter blues a break and enjoy the amazing culture and nature.

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