Greece in autumn is almost like a different country. And especially the region of mainland Greece with its traditional customs and heart-warming food is one that visitors should really look out for, Cozy fireplaces, stone chimneys and all the great outdoors await you in places like central Greece, the Peloponnese and northern Greece. The Peloponnese in particular is an up and coming destination with tons of character, natural beauty and captivating history. The ancient cities of Tyrinth and Thebes may be no more but the Peloponnese is full of other gems that will take your holidays in Greece to another level.


The ancient Olympia archaeological site is enough to give anyone goosebumps when wandering about its majestic ruins. Mathematics and sport are the only true global languages and Olympia is ground zero of the latter. The Olympic Games are celebrated as the embodiment of peace amongst peoples and a visit to this holy place is akin to a pilgrimage. Gods and all.


In nearby Delphi, the Peloponnese introduces us to the mystic elements of ancient Greece. It is here that the fate of many hung on the lips of few of the priestesses that resided on this mountain top shrine city. Perched on the mountain side with its classical grandeur in grandiose ruins spilling to the side, its worth thinking about how long humankind has come.


Not too far, Nafplio provides you with some of the best the Peloponnese has to offer by way of quaint beauty. This medieval fortress town is one of the most scenic of towns in Greece, and as former capital of Greece it strikes some historical notes, too. Nafplio is a seaside mirage, reserved for romantic gateways and weekend escapades. The local wine from Nemea is internationally renowned and goes down a treat with some of the local fare.

Autumn Escapades in The Peloponnese: 3 Of The Best Destinations

All this beauty of classical glory and medieval, Byzantine and Roman architecture is neatly wrapped up in delightful canopy of verdant pine trees and oregano bushes, sea salt and thyme. Man-made or natural, the Peloponnese will grab you in a hurry.

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