The nightmare is finally over folks (for now?), Greece is open for business. The new travel protocols for visitors to Greece have been released. We’re happy to announce that from June 1st, mainland hotels will be opening, as will island hotels on the 15th Of June. Bars and restaurants will open on the 25th of May with social distancing and hygiene measures. Flights will resume as of the the 15th of June for 20 countries (Cyprus, Israel, Germany, China, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway). Domestic flights will require passengers to wear masks and will only be permitted one item of hand luggage. As of 1st of July all flights will resume normally from all destinations with the afore mentioned precautions and measures. There will be no quarantine for people visiting. Doctors and coordinators will be available on each island and in contact with hotels in case anyone gets sick. Boats and cruises will open from 1st of July with restricted occupancy.

What does that mean, practically for the visitor? Well, for one, expect far fewer tourists, which is obviously a good thing for you, the visitor (not to mention wildlife, natural habitat and the ozone layer just off the top of my head, but hey, no one said it wouldn’t get confusing). Amenities, prices and jostling for the insta-snap will be favourable. So take advantage. This could be a freak occurence and a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a country with scarce tourists in the midst of summer. A very warm summer at that. And a very different one, too. Partying and eating out will require an extra ounce of civic responsibility. Circumstances may vary from past experiences. Hotels and public spaces will need to be treated with respect.

With all that said, we hope to see you soon again and of course, stay safe and cherish your loved ones. Be well.

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