Eat, Drink & Dance Your Way Through Greece

Greece is in pole position to begin welcoming visitors into the country, gradually. Things are looking up and the sun is shining hotter than it ever has on a May, with record temperatures being recorded across the board. Which should bode well for those visiting. After all, Greece is what the doctor ordered after several months of catatonic isolation. What better place to let some steam off than the freedom and carefree energy of the Greek islands?


The awesome food scene in Greece keeps augmenting in quality and renown. While most people associate Greece with the readily available gyros and ubiquitous Greek salad, the new food scene merges old and new in ways one wouldn’t imagine. The results are awesome. With such high quality ingredients, by and large devoid of most chemicals usually found elsewhere, it’s almost impossible to go wrong. Enjoy everything from stuffed lemons (a Corfu specialty), the awesome lemon and oil grilled snapper, stuffed tomatoes and peppers… and then go try the delicacies served daily in one of the several Michelin starred restaurants. Heck, there’s Greco-Japanese fusion cuisine out there. New York probably doesn’t have that. Maybe.


While in Greece, head over to Santorini for a spot on the most coveted terrace in the world. Grab a glass of Santorini Assyrtiko and watch that sphere dissapear. Imbibe with a shot of masticha liquer in Chios. The stuff is pure life. Hippocrates swore by it and subsequent invaders including the Venetians and Ottomans made sure they secured and protected the masticha groves by hook or by crook. With countless antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties it is a natural elixir that goes down a treat when mixed in a cocktail. And of course dont forget the moonshine they call tsipouro, tsikoudia and raki; all different variations of grappa distillation.


Best enjoyed in their natural setting: a panigyri feast, preferably in a place like Ikaria, where the local centenarian residents keep the party going till way, way late in the morning.

If you’re more into what’s new, head to Mykonos, where they give Studio 54 a run for it’s money for most debauched, Caligulian parties ever assembled. Once there, you’re likely to meet a vast array of characters, ranging from the insta-crowd,  Euro-trash, rich and glamorous, rich and shady, rich and err, well just a heap of really rich people who love partying. And if that’s your thing, go nuts, headlong.

Eat, Drink & Dance Your Way Through Greece

You can always mix it up by meeting half way somewhere. At a deserted beach with a bbq, a few bottles of vino and your boom box while dancing around a fire, howling at the moon. It’s fine. You can. Welcome!


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