As the weeks progress along these uncharted waters, one thing is becoming increasingly clear for travellers and industry experts alike. It’s a conclusion that anyone with at least a modicum of interest on tourism will arrive at; this year’s summer holidays will be all about the virgin and unspoiled destinations. With less travellers, places who’s raison d’être is traditionally of socialising and mingling, will be less attractive. The new spacing rules make it seem like we’re chatting about the virtues of the Golden State Warriors but make no mistake about it, there’s going to be no scoring in Mykonos this summer. Or any other place that depends on loads of people spending herculean amounts of Benjamins on spray-on champagne that ends on you rather than in you. This summer, it’s all about places where one can wind down, relax and enjoy the subtle, visceral joys of life; reading, walking, swimming in crystal clear waters on deserted beaches, eating out of a garden patch on a sun flecked corner of the Aegean. If this all sounds familiar, then you’ve obviously been to Schinoussa, population: 211. This Cycladic gem is an affirmation of everything that’s right in this world.  

Schinoussa takes care of its own. The produce includes an assortment of fish, beef, pork, vegetables and the world famous fave beans that have won several prizes over the years. Your culinary needs will be more than met, let’s put it that way. 

With little by way of archaeological swag, time should sensibly be allocated to explore the 18 or so magnificent beaches on the island, and the water sports opportunities they offer. Our pick of the bunch would be Psili Ammos, Livadi and Gerolimnionas, but really, when in Greece, do as the Greeks would do and indulge in the age old tradition of beach hopping. Who knows, one may stumble onto some super secluded cove. Exploring the nooks and crannies will inevitably lead to things that take one out of one’s comfort zone, and folks, isn’t that what travelling is all about? 

Schinoussa’s green hills and verdant valleys are crocheted by various hiking trails, many of which wind up onto the sea, making that sweat all the more worth it when one plunges into the brine. 

Schinoussa is close enough (just off Naxos) to have life, but sufficiently far to be free of hangers-on. For now. The genie’s out of the bottle, so be quick or be cramped. 

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