The Saronic Gulf Islands: The Secret Athenian Getaway

This summer all bets are off. There don’t appear to be any models that can predict any semblance of a pattern regarding tourist flows. Timidly, the first signs of normality are threading their way into the fabric of everyday life and it appears that some of what makes Greece so special is beginning to manifest itself. 

With Greece looking increasingly adept at managing the fallout and the groundwork on which to launch it’s policy, it’s tackled the problem head on and is now looking like a handsome destination for those looking to experience something that may possibly never again be on the table; holidays without the crowds. Take your pick, folks. We suggest a visit to the Saronic island chain situated at an hour’s boat ride from Pireaus. Comprised of quaint little Hydra, scenic Poros and the elegant Aegina, each offers its own distinct take on life, with Hydra being the most particular.


No cars are allowed in Hydra, save for municipal trucks, and so life moves on in this island to the rhythm dictated by the necessities of nature and the environment. Hydra is world known as being a hub of artistic endeavours and bohemian sensitivities; Leonard Cohen and a multitude of poets, writers, musicians and artists have at one point or another ensconced there. The main town in Hydra also happens to be a delicately crafted amphitheater of multi coloured neo-classical mansions that jut into the port.


The wild and expansive Poros offers the chance to pursue the sun under one of the many sandy beaches on the island. Poros is greener than it’s two cousins and by far the more under the radar destination, and that is paradoxically the quintessence of it’s appeal. 


Aegina then, is considered a traditional vacationing island for upwardly mobile Athenians, with a symbol none more emblematic of the island’s history than the Temple of Aphaia, a 5th century temple dedicated to the mother Goddess Aphaia. Chic tavernas and a few watering holes interspersed between the island’ss various villages make for a relaxing trip that should eviscerate any clouds inside your head.

The Saronic Gulf Islands: The Secret Athenian Getaway

The Saronic Islands should be on your summer’s destination list. 

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