Spring in Greece is a magical time. The flowers bloom to create a rainbow of colors, and the green shoots begin to lend the land that distinct verdant hue. Spring time also happens to be one of the best times to visit Greece. The lack of tourists and the low prices are great ways to get ahead and visit all the famous landmarks without a throng of selfie sticks angling for a better shot. Marvelling at the Acropolis and the azure expanse without other people getting in the way is like taking a spiritual bath; the shine stays with you forever.


And theres no better way to be a beacon of light than taking a walk through Europe’s first civilization; The Minoans. In Crete you’ll find your inner peace. Whether that is achieved while gallivanting through the Samaria gorge (the biggest in Europe), or kayaking down Preveli is entirely up to you. The size of the island is conducive to epic trail hikes up the White Mountains and lazy beach days at Europe’s only palm tree forest beach of Vai. Of course, in between, you’ll stuff your face with real, fresh food and awesome wine.


If you fancy something more palatable, you might try Andros. Just a couple hours from Athens on boat, it is the greenest of the Cyclades. It’s also less tourist-y. And that’s never bad if you want a slice of the real deal. Andros is Europe’s premier island hiking destination with over 100 km in trails and routes, some of which have been around for donkey’s.


Alonissos on the other hand is a veritable nature paradise. It’s a sanctuary for rare birds and monk seals, and over half the island is in fact a protected Marine Park. Spring time in Alonissos means venturing out to pristine seas and chilling with fluffy sea creatures. Kumbaya, baby!

There is no shortage of incredible places to visit. Greece boasts a plethoric array of choices and lifestyle vacations. It caters to every wallet and every taste and that isn’t hyperbole. From the secluded mountain hamlets in the Pindus range, all the way to the white cubed house smorgasbord of the Cyclades, Greece is the real deal.

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