Cruising in Style: Celestyal Dreams

Going to Greece on holiday? If so then you’re probably going to a Greek island or two. Or three. And why not? The Greek islands are awesome, and if you can peel yourself away from the first one, we salute you. It’s usually the case for most; planning to visit several islands only to find that you just can’t let go. Sometimes, other factors contribute, too. The weather, the mercurial meltemi winds and sometimes just your fancy.

Hence, one of the best ways to have your cake and eat it too, is going on a Celestyal cruise. And it aint some two bit cruise, either. We’re talking state of the art, ultra-modern and slick. Oh and did we mention Celestyal have added a couple destinations to their ‘Eclectic Aegean’ and ‘3 Continents’ itineraries?


The lovely port of Volos in the Pangasatic gulf is one of the unsung jewels of Greece. Volos is home of the lauded ‘tsipouradika’; a venerable institution that is found nowhere else in Greece. It’s what Britons have probably been looking for all their lives (and now that BA runs direct flights to Volos from the UK, watch out!). You order a carafe of tsipouro and mezes appear in front of you gratis. Thats right. You’re encouraged to drink more in order to eat more of the delicious mezes. We’ll leave it to you to connect the dots.


Volos is so much more, though. Its close proximity to Pelion and Meteora is a boon to people who fancy a trek. Mt. Pelion is an amalgam of several villages all perched amphitheatrically on the slopes with sweeping views of the Pangasatic gulf and its surrounding canopy. Needless to say, Pelion is a great autumn and winter destination (a ski center operates on top of the mountain). Getting lost in the rustic-ness of the place is pure magic.

And Meteora needs no introductions. This singular moonscape is otherworldly. The monasteries on top lend it a deeply mystical feel and if you’re lucky enough to catch the sunrays seeping through the clouds you can almost feel an epiphany coming.

Israel, Egypt, Cyprus and Turkey

These stops are added to the already stellar cast of destinations which include harbors in Israel, Egypt, Cyprus and Turkey.

Cruising in Style: Celestyal Dreams

The 3 and 7 day cruises by Celestyal are the closest you’ll get to the full Mediteranean experience. Owned, operated and run by Greeks, you’re guaranteed top shelf culinary options (with no soda on the food), great entertainment on board and the inimitable Greek traveling spirit and philoxenia.

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