Thessaloniki Film Festival: Watch it!

With thousands of years of continued history, Greece is the beginning of many of today’s fields in science, mathematics, philosophy and the arts. They invented many things that made life better and easier. But they also created things that made life sweeter and more enjoyable for its residents. This is the country of the muses; the word music comes from the word muse. Theater was invented in Greece (it is widely believed that the first ever theater was the theater of Dionysus on the slopes of the Acropolis).


Cinematography, or the cinema is in fact a Greek word, too. And even though the Greeks haven’t made any significant forays into the world of Hollywood, the plays of Aristophanes et al have been widely used and interpreted onto the mainstream. The classical issues of then still resonate today.

In Greece, the world of cinema revolves around a few hubs. One of them is Thessaloniki, the sister capital of Greece. And with good reason, too. The International Thessaloniki Film Festival is a veritable institution, with a long history (60 years) and a sterling reputation.

When to visit

Starting on the 1st and running up till the 11th of November, the festival is a great chance to explore the city of Thessaloniki as well as its surrounding areas. During November, when most of the residents have set up shop and are easing into their routine, Thessaloniki is truly a magical place. It’s a bustling metropolis (with a metro pretty soon) with a lively student contingent that’s served as a crossroads of cultures. Ergo, the food is hands down superb, the vibe is easier than 3rd period math and the nightlife is crazy. With Ottomans, Romans, Byzantines and Jews all having lived here, the city is a smorgasbord of styles and smells. Architecturally wise you’ll be picking up your jaw off the floor.

Thessaloniki is a gem waiting to be discovered. If you add a central theme to your visit, such as the Thessaloniki Film Festival, there’s a very good chance you’ll fall in love with the city. You’ve been warned!

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