Honeymoon In Folegandros

Greece, they say, awakens the senses. The bright light, the island life and the visceral joy of simple pleasures make for unforgettable holidays. The epitome of a laisses-fair lifestyle and a cavalier attitude towards life itself is manifested in the quintessential ‘ef-zin’ (Ευ ζην) and ‘evdaimonia’ (ευδαιμονια) that ancient Greeks harped on about. It’s what the Danes call ‘hygge’ distilled to its base raison d’etre. It’s the reason why Greece remains the top choice for vacationers worldwide. It’s also the reason why people fall in love so easily in Greece. Similarly, it’s why so many people chose to marry and honeymoon in the land of Gods.

And since we’re pretty sure you know Santorini as a premier honeymoon destination, we’re gonna take you the other way. It’s a less traveled way. And in many ways it’s a much better way (unless you really do like crowds you weird, weird person).


Folegandros is exactly the type of island that you’re looking for: Tranquil, photogenic (aren’t all islands?) and balanced. And let’s face it. If you’re on a honeymoon, the last thing you want is for your peace and quiet to be shattered by anyone except the morning rooster or the faint jingling of goat bells in the distance (full disclaimer: You will be hearing them).

Your days will be filled with long lazy lunches in some sea side tavern, even longer sunset spritzer sessions and the sound of the waves lapping on the shore. Evenings spent in the charming capital of Chora (of course) will be spent people watching. Quite possibly perched on an al fresco bench, armed with a Mythos and nothing on your mind but the feeling of bliss.

That feeling of bliss is amplified by the sheer beauty of Chora, perched as it is on a mountain with sweeping views of the Aegean that wouldn’t look out of place in Santorini. Without a doubt, Folegandros is the ideal honeymoon island. It’s almost as if it’s stuck in a time warp. And that isn’t a bad thing if you’re a fan of everything yesteryear. Or beauty for that matter. For this island is dubbed ‘the island of peace’.

Honeymoon In Folegandros

Get your slice of honeymoon heaven in Folegandros and your future is bright.

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