Just a half hour away from Paros, lies its little sister, Antiparos; one of the loveliest Greek islands in the Cyclades. And it is as beautiful as it is tranquil. With its signature arid landscape and trademark cubist house style, Antiparos is what dreams are made of.

It doesn’t hurt that celebrities and the super-rich have embraced it, either. In fact, one could argue that the conspicuous concentration of wealth is precisely what has kept the island from over developing and ruining its character.


But what makes Antiparos so special? Well, nothing in particular. But it’s the grand sum of all its little things that lend it that luminous hue. The quiet island life with the fishermen on the promenade, the quaint cobbled streets that meander around the houses in a labyrinthine maze and the sense of utter freedom. These are all standard on pretty much any given Greek island. In Antiparos however, distances are significantly smaller, which means that everything seems that much more adorable. And less tourist-y. Being the small island that it is, it usually flies well below the radar. Which means more room for you.


There’s things to do in Antiparos, too. You can rent a boat and go see some secluded beaches off the beaten track. Get some snacks and some vino and you’re set. There’s several conventional beaches that are worth exploring as well. Kako Rema, Livadia and Psaralyki are all close to the main town of Chora and are partly organized, with family friendly vibes and no beach bar music. There’s a few more like Soros and Vathis Volos that are fine enough, with pebbly sand and crystal clear waters (not that you’ll find anything other than perfect water anywhere in Greece).

Alternatively, you can go star hunting. Tom Hanks has a house there. Madonna is in the process and stars like Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConnahey have been known to vacation there. So, if nothing else, you can at least expect some type of star encounter for the ol ‘gram. Just don’t use a flashlight.

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