Greece is undergoing a boom at the moment. From last year’s art bonanza extravagance and continuing with Greece’s fabled summer vibe, Greece is getting its groove back. And how. The great driving force of the Greek economy is back.

All around the country new destinations are developing. From the traditional Mykonos and Santorini to the less travelled to Milos and Skiathos there are more and more hotels and rooms springing up.

In Athens, there have been many and more are coming. One of them is the Grand Hyatt in the Syggrou avenue area next to the Onassis cultural center. Boasting 310 rooms, 11,600 square feet of convention space and 2 restaurants, it should be on par with Grande Bretagne in terms of luxury. Testament to Athens’s growing popularity and increased marketability. More are coming from Athens, but this is the pick of the bunch.

Perianth hotel is another late entry. Opening in July, it is located smack bang in the middle of all the action, in the fashionable Agia Eirini district in central Athens. Surrounded by plush bars and fancy eateries, Agia Eirini is by all accounts the trump card, here. The fact that it’s a 38 room semi-boutique hotel only adds to the charm. With all the amenities you can imagine, plus a few more thrown in for good measure, Perianth hotel is almost certain to blow your socks clean off.

Islands that are growing in popularity are seeing an uptick in visitors. In islands like Skiathos, celebrities like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have vacationed for years, adding a speck of glamour to the already luminous experience. The Elivi hotel blends into its natural surroundings perfectly. It harnesses all the natural elements like water, sun and wind to maximize efficiency and decrease the strain on the environment. Its filtration, energy and ventilation systems have been designed with the utmost environmental friendliness to ensure the least possible strain on the island’s precious resources. Clocking in as a 5 star establishment the Elivi is what the future looks like.

The Milos Cove on Milos island is tucked into a terrace overlooking the Aegean. It is the ideal Cycladic mix between simple functionality and pure bliss. A lot like its arid surroundings, this 5 star hotel has amenities for days, including walking distance to the Agkali beach, a 15 minute ride from the airport and 20 minutes to the nearest port of Adamantia.

The new hotels in Greece have tapped into modern practices and services that connect the visitor to his/her surroundings. The always efficient and helpful staff are a guarantee of quality and of course the rest is taken care of by way of food, sun and culture.

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